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Caring for your hardwood floors

Caring for your hardwood floors

When it comes to popular flooring choices among our customers, solid and engineered hardwood flooring can’t be beat. To ensure the durability and beauty of your hardwood flooring, many of today’s manufacturers use built in scuff resistant technology to keep floors looking their very best. Shaw’s ScufResist™ built in hardwood floor finish, for example, protects floors from mark, scuffs and stains that could result from every day wear and tear.

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Hardwood Care & Maintenance


Protective Hardwood Care & Maintenance

It’s important to follow a protective care and maintenance routine for your new hardwood floors. At A & S Carpet Collection, we recommend you place entry mats and doormats at the entrance to your room and remove all outdoor shoes before walking across your hardwood flooring. Heavy furniture can leave dents and indentations on your flooring over time, so protect your new hardwood flooring with special floor protectors.

For everyday care and maintenance, we recommend the following:

  • Check your manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide, in addition to their list of approved vacuum cleaners, before caring for your flooring.
  • Sweep, vacuum or dry mop your hardwood flooring daily to keep them looking like new!
  • If your flooring needs more than just a dry surface clean, use a manufacturer approved cleaning solution and follow their guidelines. We sell the Shaw R2X Hardsurface Floor Cleaner at our store location, and you can also order refills online here.
  • For a periodical deep clean, hire a local professional floor cleaning company. For recommendations, speak with any of our store representatives!
Hardwood Maintenance
Spill and Stain Removal
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