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Ceramic TILE basics

Why Choose Tile?

Ceramic tile is a beautiful option for any home. It presents almost endless design possibilities and is available in numerous shapes, colors, patterns and glazes. Tile is not only gorgeous, but also very practical. It’s easy to keep clean and helps prevent the growth of fungus, mold & mildew. Whatever type of tile you choose, you’ll have an architectural statement that will last for many years.

What is tile made from?

Ceramic tiles are made of clay fired, or baked, at high temperatures within a clay oven or kiln to dry and harden the material. The process by which tiles are manufactured results in two basic types: glazed and unglazed tile. After tile is fired once, a coating or glaze similar to glass can be applied to its surface, at which point the tile is fired again. The product of this process is glazed tile, which offers the wide variety of colors & patterns you see on the market.

Unglazed tiles have no additional coating added to them and are simply fired once. Unglazed tiles are limited in appearance to the natural colors of clay. Tile can also be made from other materials such as porcelain, metal, glass or stone such as granite or marble.

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